Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Year Gone By...

I'm back, 1 year older!  Last week the hubby and I went on a midwest tour of sorts to celebrate my birthday.  First we stopped in Illinois to see the OSU/Illinois game with my grandpa and his wife.  I love college football and was super excited to see my two hometown teams (I grew up in both college towns) battle it out on the field.  It was also great to eat my grandpa's famous seafood gumbo afterwards.  Yum!

After the game we headed on over to Ohio to celebrate my big day with my mom and little sis.  Shopping with my mom was a blast.  We hit the Clintonville shops and stopped by Objects for the Home, owned by my best friend and his lovely lady.  If you're ever in the Columbus area and need a few pieces to spruce up your home, stop by their store.  They have a cute selection of handmade and vintage items that I couldn't resist.  We bought some of their super delicious soaps and a journal made from an old record.  Can't wait to go back next time we're in town!

My favorite piece from Objects for the Home
Down the street from my friends' store was another place called Boomerang Room Vintage.  It's a 1960's wonderland!  I was ready to move in...if only they had a bed in stock!  Next time I'll have to drive a Uhaul to grab all the awesome treasures.  I also did a lot of thrifting and came back with some great vintage pieces to add to the Apartment 528 Store.  After all the shopping, we headed to my old high school where I got to watch the marching band (I'm a band geek) and see the football team beat the pants off one of our rivals at the homecoming game.  Then I got to see my gorgeous baby sister get dolled up for the dance.  What a great birthday week!

New stuff for the Apt528 Store
But now I'm back and ready to get to work.  Keep looking for new vintage items in the store and stay tuned for another giveaway!

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