Thursday, September 23, 2010

I need help!!!

As promised, here are a few pics of our new apartment.  So far I've only taken pics of the basement because it's the space I have the least amount of ideas for. Please, please, PLEASE help me with ideas!!!!!!

This is looking from the back of the basement (standing in the laundry room door) to the front.  My office is at the very front right corner, and the guest bedroom is the door in the middle.  As you see, we're using the front as our living room.  The upstairs is shaped the same way but it was easier to put the living room downstairs because we didn't have to worry about the floor vents or the front door being in the way.  The house is so long and narrow there's no room to put the TV on the wall and still have room to sit and watch it.  That's why we've positioned the TV coming out into the room.  We're getting the Karlstad sectional from Ikea and put it where the 2 chairs are. 

Now we need help with ideas on ways to cover up the TV from behind.  So far we're thinking of building a half wall that will block the TV and entertainment center from the back.  Any other suggestions?  I'm so lost!

This is looking from the front to the back.  The white door in the back next to my office is the laundry room.  Our plan is to paint over this horrible pinkish burgundy.  I can't seem to get used to the white walls either and will probably end up painting them a grey that will match the grey sectional and be neutral enough that the landlord won't make us paint it back!  The pink wall will be painted a bold, fun color.  Behind the TV, we're still trying to figure out to do with all that space.  We're thinking of getting a foozball table (the nice kind of course).  It's big, will take up space, and is one of our favorite games so triple score!  We'll see...

This is one more place where I'm lost! We bought 4 cheap, Walmart bookcases and added doors in an effort to make a built-in bookcase at our centipede apartment.  We were going to paint the doors, add trim, and add a dark wood-stained top but we ended up moving before all this happened.  So now we've got 4 bookcases spread throught the new place.  I think it would look better if I added 1 more bookcase to the set to fill out the wall.  Once I paint the wall grey, maybe I'll like the area a bit more.  What are your ideas for the doors?  I bought fabric and trim to cover them but hated it.  Maybe a dark stain?  Or a painted finish?  Maybe a wall decal? 

I need help!

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  1. For the doors, can you cut out a window in the middle of the doors and fill the gap with mesh or netting? Or, could you do a big stencil in the middle so it looks like there are windows cut out of the wood? Not sure if I'm being clear, sorry!