Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Product Roundup: Keeping Cool for Under $150

It is HOT here in Boston.  Even with the fans on, our house was at 91 degrees Monday night.  Our attic master bedroom was even hotter!  To keep cool and have a sweat-free sleep, we stayed at my in-laws house and enjoyed the comforts of central air.

For others who are suffering, you know window fans can be a costly solution that doesn't always work efficiently, especially in an open concept space...the air just blows into a big open area and doesn't really cool anything.  That's why today's roundup includes fans and A/Cs for all types of spaces.  Portable A/Cs help cool small spaces and save you from wasting money cooling the whole house.  Use a desktop fan to stay cool at home or in the office.  If floor fans are more your style, don't worry, we have great options there too!  See our picks for the best A/Cs and fans for under $150.

Our Picks: 1. Crane Stainless Steel Tower Fan w/LCD Display (Home Depot) $119; 2. Deco Breeze Owl Figurine Fan (Target) $64.99; 3. Deco Breeze Retro Metal Desk Fan (Target) $50; 4. Lasko Clip Stik Desk Fan (HomeDepot) $21.99; 5. Soleus Air Soft Blade Fan ( $29.99; 6. Sunpentown Evaporative Air Cooler/Humidifier (Target) $119.99; 7. Ecco Black Table Fan ( $110

8. Deco Breeze Cambria Table Fan (Target) $99.99; 9. Holmes Box Fan (Walmart) $15; 10. Vornado Heavy Duty Shop Fan (Walmart) $128; 11. SPT Air Cooler (Sears) $123; 12. Flowpro High-Velocity Floor Fan (Target) $39.99

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  1. I can relate, it was SO hot in my apt I packed up and went out to my parents! Central AC is such a gift! Stay cool