Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love Carrie Can

I'm in love with a woman and her name is Carrie.  I was browsing around Flickr to do a black and white post when I came across Carrie's gorgeous Flickr photos.  She's a vintage thrifter like myself who lives/lived in an AMAZINGLY AWESOME rental (she now lives in a new apartment but I love the old one pictured below!).  I love the architecture of her home and the wonderful way she displays her vintage treasures.  It just goes to show you don't have to live in a boring white box just because you're a renter!  If you're looking for a new blog to follow (in addition to mine of course!) Carrie's blog, Carrie Can, is a collection of her favorite interior decor ideas.

Gorgeous beams plus a raised area perfect for displaying her finds.

Carrie's vintage lamp collection plus art piece by her boyfriend.

I LOVE her stairs!

Super cute dining area.  Love the art on the ledge.

Black kitchen with retro pieces added in.

Tin garden on the ledge above her sink.  What a great idea!

{all images via Carrie Can}

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