Monday, June 14, 2010

Grammie's Gifts

Last Thursday, Grammie, my husband's grandmother, passed away.  She was 87.  My favorite memory of Grammie comes from our wedding.  We were taking group pictures and cameras were flashing all over the place when she said, "I feel like a celebrity!"  It was hilarious!

Grammie (2nd from right) feeling like a celebrity at our wedding!

This being a decorating blog, I feel it fitting to officially thank Grammie for the wonderful things we got from her home.  She had a house full of retro and mid-century furnishings.  Now they're a part of OUR home and are a constant reminder of the great woman they used to belong to.  Below are a few of our favorite items, not including the decanters, vases and other odds and ends we got.

The TV, cart, and VCR are from Grammie's house.

We have several of Grammie's books spread throughout the house.

The bookcase is our favorite piece in the house.  On it's own, it's worth a good amount of money but the fact that it comes from Grammie makes it priceless.  This is a family piece we'll ALWAYS have.  I can't wait to find a place for it in our new apartmnet!

Her awesome blender.  They don't make them as cool as this anymore!

This radio still works!

Thanks Grammie!


  1. I'm sorry for your and your husband's loss.

    Beautiful, beautiful dress you're wearing in that pic.

  2. Thanks on both accounts.

    The dress was from this super cute vintage shop. I added the red ribbon to give it a little more color. Can't wait to wear it again on our anniversary!