Friday, April 16, 2010

Used Friday: New vintage additions

This Used Friday I'm sharing a few odds and ends that I've recently photographed for the vintage section of the Apt528 Store.  So far, there are only a few vintage items listed but now that I have my "photography studio" setup I can add many more! 

First off, a little photography DIY.  Yesterday I built my macro light box, or mini studio as I like to call it.  Actually, I made TWO light boxes!  The first one was made using directions from Jen Kiaba's photography blog.  It's super easy, you just cut holes in the sides of a cardboard box, cover them with tissue paper, cut a piece of posterboard to use as your backdrop, and use desk lamps for lighting.

The first light box

The box turned out too small and flimsy so I went to Staples and bought the biggest moving box I could find.  I found new directions online (can't remember the website) that suggested cutting up old tshirts or other fabric to cover the holes instead of tissue paper so I gave that a try. I made the box sturdier by making smaller holes.  Even thought this one was stronger than the first light box, it still wasn't big enough.  It would be easier if there was no top so I could take overhead and angled pictures.

The second light box

A photo taken with the second light box and edited for a "vintage" feel.  Alarm clock available at the Apt528 Store.

Which is why I decided to skip the light box altogether and just take overhead shots of some of the products on top of the poster board.  It was much easier and the pictures turned out just like I wanted!  I'm going to make one more Staples run to buy one of those tri-fold boards kids use for science projects.  The board will give me a white background so I can take shots like the one above without having to worry about my messy workroom showing up in the background.  As an added bonus, the tri-fold boards are easy to store as apposed to the light boxes which take up space.

Take a look at some of the new products I shot with the poster board for the vintage section of the Apt528 Store.

What do you think?


  1. Awesome attempt on the lightbox, i'm gonna make one myself! i'll probably squeeze my kitten as a model for testing :)

  2. Thanks! I definitely like using the poster board more though I saved the light box and might try it again sometime.