Friday, April 9, 2010

Used Friday: My New Scale

I FINALLY bought a kitchen scale! 

We're value shoppers and usually end up buying huge packs of ground beef at a time.  Trying to divide the beef into 1lb. portions to freeze is always a hassle...I know my guesstimates are wrong most of the time.  Which is why I need a kitchen scale to do the measuring for me. Of course, there are tons of scales on Etsy and Ebay that weigh small amounts of about a1lb, but I wanted a 25lbs. scale that I could also use for weighing meat for my 3lb. chili or use for weighing packages.

Which is why my search has dragged on forever.  Trying to find a 25lbs., multi-purpose, vintage scale that actually works and didn't cost a fortune was so hard.  But now, months later, it's done!

It's not as bright and colorful as I would have liked but I'm still happy.  I might paint the bottom a different color one of these days but for now, it will definitely do the trick!

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