Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teal Madness

First off, thanks to Courtney Hollands at the Boston Globe for including our Antler Picture Frame in today's G section!  My favorite part: "Something tells us that Jonathan Adler would covet this."  Just the thought of Jonathan Adler loving a product from the Apartment 528 Store is enough to make us quiver...I think I'd faint if he verified the statement as true!

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I was going to post pics of my fave black and grey rooms today...we're moving this summer and I'm planning on going back to black and grey in the new place.  After looking around, I realized that EVERYONE'S doing black and grey right now so you've probably seen more than enough dark rooms.  Instead, I figured I'd share my love of teal. 

Yes, I know teal is an "in" color nowadays, but I've been doing teal for years and plan to keep it in our decor for years to come.  To me, teal's a timeless color that has so much depth and feeling.  My dining room is and every time I walk by I just feel happy.  You can dress it up or down, go dark or light.  No matter what you choose, teal is gorgeous!

via Elle Decor


  1. LOVING teal & turquoise right now :)

  2. So loving your tealie turquoisie images! tres chic no matter what you call the hue!

  3. I love teal too...I can't get enough! I'm actually going to do a post on the teal vs. turquoise debate soon but basically, turquoise is a naturally occuring mineral and is lighter than teal with more green. Teal is a color that will always be darker than turquoise and tends to have more blue. Picture 3 might qualify as turquoise depending on your computer monitor.

    I agree with you matter what you call it, it's gorgeous!