Friday, February 19, 2010

Used Friday: My New Sectional Obsession

There's one great craigslist find that I can't get out of my head.  Today, I'm dedicating the whole Used Friday to this AWESOMELY AMAZING sectional in Chicago.

This is the vintage sectional of my dreams.  If it was in Boston, I'd by there right now picking it up.  I've been searching for a sectional for two years now.  My ultimate dream is to own a vintage piece, though they're hard to find and can be expensive to fix.  My second choise was the Ikea Kramfors, which is now discontinued.  I was starting to give up hope that I'd ever find a sectional.  Until now.

This sectional is in pretty good condition and was recently reupholstered, though not professionally.  It still looks good though...better than anything I could ever do!  It has good bones which means it won't cost too much to have it professionally upholstered.  Based on the quote I got for another piece I liked here in Boston, I'd say they could revamp this piece for a cool $1000.  Not bad!

We're going to Chicago Memorial Day weekend to look at apartments (we're moving there this summer so any tips on good n neighborhoods to live in are welcome).  Wouldn't it be awesome if somehow this sectional was still available when I was there so I could snatch it up!?!

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