Thursday, February 11, 2010

Product Roundup: Space Heaters Under $100

ith crazy snow falling in parts of the country, everyone's running to turn up the thermostat.  My suggestion -use a space heater.  They won't heat your whole apartment, but they're great for times when you're staying in one area and want to be toasty without blasting heat (and money!) through the whole house.  Case in point: I have a small heater the size of the Sunbeam below that heats up the bedroom in the morning while I get ready.

Today's roundup has all types of space heaters.  There are tiny heaters good for small spaces and larger models that really turn up the heat.  Take a look, read the reviews, and see which works better for your space!

Clockwise from top left: DeLonghi SafeHeat Mica-Panel Heater ( - $69.95; Lasko Oscillating Fan (Home Depot) - $49.97; DeLonghi Ceramic Heater Tower (Target) - $74.99; Swizz Style Max Fan Heater (Sears) $99.99; Lasko Silent Room Heater (Home Depot) - $39.98; Electric Foot Warmer Mat (Target) - $49.99; Optimus Dish Heater ( - $19.99; Sunbeam Ceramic Space Heater (Walmart) - $15.88

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