Monday, February 8, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: Paper Addict


Simplicity.  That's the theme for this week's shop of the week, Paper Addict.  Their cards come in plain, vintage-inspired colors (my favorite!), yet there's something about them that makes you feel as if your life won't go on unless you possess a set.  You can purchase the notecards in several sizes ranging from tiny cards good for jotting quick musings to larger cards great for saying hello.  They also sell scrapbook embelishments and paper confetti.  If you want a little extra on your stationery, Paper Addict has two sets featuring their own original designs.  With low prices and affordable shipping, you'll be able to scoop up several stationery sets for one awesome price.  Better yet, they offer gift cards which would make great presents for friends!

Know an Etsy shop that you think should be the Shop of the WeekEmail me your suggestions.


  1. Wow, India, Thanks So Much For The Feature! It's Beautiful!

    *** If you find my shop because of this feature and wish to make a purchase, I'll give you 15% off your order:) Just say '15% Off/Apt528' in the notes to seller!***

    Holly @

  2. Hey Holly. Thanks for offering a great discount to Apt528're awesome (and so are your cards)!!!