Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekender: Headboard Madness

I've spent the past week searching for headboard stencils for a friend looking to give her room a new look. After combing through back issues of my magazine collection and hunting around online, I stumbled upon several great headboard ideas. Take a browse through some of the sites below to get some inspiration for your own headboard DIY. Don't forget to send me pics!

Tufted Upholstered Headboard (via Readymade)

Gothic Stenciled Headboard (via Ideal Home)

Canvas Headboard (via Kotori Design)

MDF Stenciled Headboard (via Country Home)

Floral Upholstered Headboard - this is what I did for my headboard but with a plain fabric (via CasaSugar)

Reclaimed Wood Headboard - love the shipping crate bed frame! (via Readymade)

Stenciled Panel Headboard (via Yasmin Hermans)

Stenciled Headboard (via Good Housekeeping)

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