Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Weekender: Fun with Bondera Part 2

Last weekend I showed you the beginnings of my very first mosaic, which I made using Bondera TileMat Set, a self-adhesive alternative to mortar. 

When I left off, I had already set my glass tiles using Bondera.  All I had left to do was grout.  The Bondera directions suggest that you grout within 8 hours of laying your tile. Being lazy, I didn't grout until four days later!  I had already reduced the stickiness of the Bondera by painting over it (something I do NOT recommend) so some of the tiles were a little loose when I went to grout but a firm push got them where they needed to be.  Still, I recommend following the directions and grouting right after setting the tiles.

For grout, I chose a pre-mixed formula.  There were only a few colors to choose from, most of which were some variation of white, but I went with "Earth" which is a medium shade of brown.  From what I've heard, you can also mix your own colors but this requires a bit more work/skill than I cared for.

Once you have your grout, sponge, and spreader, you're ready to go.  Follow the directions on the grout container to spread the grout and keep a sponge and bucket nearby for cleaning the tiles as you go.

It takes about 24-hours for the grout to dry.  After that, you can sit back and admire your handywork.  As you can see, I haven't framed my art piece yet but as soon as the weather's nice(r) I'll go out and spray my trim a deep brown then attach it to my mosaic.  I have absolutely no clue where I'm going to put this but I'm so glad I did it.  For someone who's weakness is patience, I think I did a pretty good job!


  1. That's really pretty! I'm just ... now what do you do with it? Use it as a trivet? Hang it as if it's a picture? Attach legs and use it like a side table?

  2. Thanks! I made it to hang on the wall, but we'll have to see. I used MDF as the backing and it's REALLY heavy! I might hang it in my workroom...I'll take pics as soon as I add the frame.