Monday, January 4, 2010

Etsy Shop of the Week: Anna Joyce Designs

If you love birds and deer as much as me, then you're sure to love Anna Joyce Designs. The sweatshirts look warm and cozy...I'd never want to take it off! The color pallets that Anna Joyce uses create a perfect blend of soft, feminine, folksy goodness. My favorite, the Fawn in the Woods adorable!


  1. This shop is adorable! Love the pillows and canvases in particular!

    Happy new year, girlie!

  2. I desperately want the deer pillow and canvas myself...I wish I was independently wealthy so I could buy everything on my Etsy Faves list!

  3. this shop is amazing and fills me object lust. and everything is so well crafted, it's worth the moola. love it.