Friday, December 4, 2009

"Who'd You Write?" Stationery Giveaway

If you could write to anyone - past, present, or future - who would it be?  Answer that question and you could win a free stationery set for the Apartment 528 Store!

First, head to the Store and browse through our awesome stationery selection.  You can pick stationery from David Paul Seymour, Joom, and Decoy Lab. 

Next, think of the person you'd most like to write to and why.  Your answer could be anything from Justin Timberlake to tell him he's The One for you to George Washington to ask him his thoughts on the Iraq war.  Get creative!

Once you've chosen your person and why you'd want to talk to them, sumbit your answer using one of two methods.
  1. Leave a comment below telling who you'd write and why.
  2. Tweet your answer (the who and the why) to @apt528 on Twitter.  Make sure to use the #whodyouwrite hashtag OR post a link to the tweet in a blog comment.
The most important thing of all...don't forget to put your name and a way to contact you.

The "Who'd You Write?" Giveaway ends Sunday at 11:59 ET so make sure to enter now!


  1. Oh this is hard. I think I would write to Hillary Clinton to ask about her marriage, her regrets, whether female leadership is different than male leadership, and what keeps her motivated. I think she is interesting and has made a lot of sacrifices in her career, so I'd like to get a sense of how to find a good balance and what's worth sacrificing.

  2. Have always wanted to write Audrey Hepburn and tell her that her character inspires greatness in women of all ages :) I would tell her that my 9 year old daughter adores her for her unique beauty and view of the world. To tell her that Breakfast at Tiffany's, since I was young, has been my beautiful escape! And thank her for being an inspiration and a beautiful soul.

  3. I would write to myself when i was about 14 years old. I was so doubtful of who I would be and how I would turn out... I just feel like it would put me at ease after I knew I had gone to college, found the love of my life, and ended up living a sometimes full life.

    (There is more to come of course.)