Monday, December 21, 2009

Etsy Shop of the Week: LetterPunch Design

I came upon LetterPunch when I was planning my wedding.  We wanted something cute, quirky, and unique to capture the greatness that was going to be our amazing retro wedding.  Invitations set the mood for what's to come so you can't just pick anything.  With LetterPunch Design, you don't have to.  All of their designs have that playful edge while still being elegant and classy.

Unfortunately our last minute decision to move the wedding up a year and cut our guest list to 27 (we're crazy like that) left us with not much time for invites.  Our loss.  Thankfully, you still have a change to snatch up a few LetterPunch creations of your own.  Elegant, modern, vintage, and matter what your wedding style, LetterPunch has something to help make it the happiest day ever.  Who knew paper could hold such magical powers!


  1. I love how unique and original these are! It really beats the plain jane cards from weddings r us!