Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas on the Cheap

So I forgot to tell you about the great deal I found on artificial Christmas trees. If you're landlord doesn't allow real Christmas trees because of the fire hazard, head on down to Family Dollar where you can get a fake tree for as little as $10!

Yep, $10 can get you a 4' tree. $15 gets you a 4' pre-lit tree, $20 a 6' tree and $25 a 6' pre-lit tree. How do ya like them apples? Jerome and I bought two trees from them: a 6 footer for our main tree and a cute little 4' pre-lit tree in a champagne color for the's retrotabulous!

Not only does Family Dollar have super affordable trees, but they also have cheap decorations. Of course some of the decor looks as cheap as its price tag so you won't find everything you're looking for, but you will find the basics like Christmas lights for $2 and plain ornaments for $1. Can't beat that!

Another great deal: Old Navy's Christmas stockings for just $1!! They're not the cheap plain kind either...they have several different colors with all kinds of designs.  They don't sell them online so I can't provide a link or picture, but if you have an Old Navy close by, I'd recommend stopping by and grabbing one.


  1. I have also found that Family Dollar has some of the best gift bags - for all occasions & for just $1 :)

  2. I like their gift bags too. We also found cute ones at Dollar Tree. It pays to be thrifty!