Monday, November 16, 2009

Canister Update!

Many of you were on the edge of your seats as I struggled to decide which canisters to buy for my kitchen - orange or avocado (both from Etsy).  After reading your comments both here and on facebook, the majority of people said to go with the avocado canisters.  I spent hours and days in the kitchen before finally coming to a decision...

The avocado canisters won!

I'm horrible at taking pictures so you can't really see the canisters in my kitchen without the glare, but I have one on the shelf with my mugs and fondue pot....

and the others on the counter underneath my shelf of vintage kitchenware.  They look much better in person, believe me!

I love them so much and think I made the right choice.  As you see, we have a lot of red, yellow, and orange in the kitchen so it's nice to have a little avocado to break it up!

Thanks for all the comments and support during my tough decision!