Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Weekender: DIY Art

The Weekender is a new weekly DIY series . Check The Weekender every Saturday for easy, affordable DIY projects.

For renters, wall art can be the difference between living in a boring box and living in a space that's all about you. Especially if your landlord won't let you paint. But good art can be a pricey investment and isn't always worth it if you're someone who moves alot or often likes to change their me!

Solution: DIY art.

Unfortunately for me, creativity doesn't automatically give you artisitic ability. So I go the easy route with my art by using wood and watered down latex paints. The wood grain adds texture and visual interest so no matter how bad I am at painting, the finished product still looks great! I recommend using plenty of water to help you blend colors. The picture below is my latest creation and final piece to complete my dining room. I did the whole piece in about 10 minutes. Now all that's left is adding a frame.

Don't be afraid to try something new or bring in new materials. I used Ikea accessory hangers to make the piece below. The creative possibilities are endless.

For easy canvas art, try something simple like a splatter print...paint the canvas one color and let dry. Then dip your brush in paint and fling, shake, and splatter accent colors all over the canvas. It's an easy way to get "abstract" art! To save money, hit the thrift store and pickup a few used canvases. For just a few dollars, you can turn an 80's monstrosity into an awesome piece.
Looking for other DIY art ideas?

Hit the Paper Shop
- Your local paper or craft store is one of the best places to start when doing DIY art. Browse through the wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, and decorative papers till you find one you like. Throw it in a frame for instant art. To take the art up a knotch, buy a frame with a matt or buy a pre-cut matt that you can add to your frame.

Get Personal - If you know your way around acrylics, watercolors or a camera, try creating your own art to add a truly personal touch.

Stay tuned for next week's Weekender when we make our own frames to finish off our awesome pieces!