Friday, October 16, 2009

Wedding Stuff: The Reception

I've shown you a couple pics from my wedding, now here are a few from our super fun reception. I'm still waiting to get pictures of the food table, our wedding favors, and all that jazz. I'll post them as soon as they're ready.

I used to nanny for Nico (pictured) and little Zach (below). Now they're all grown up and knocking down pins better than all the adults!

Yep, that's me bowling in my super cool red and blue bowling shoes that perfectly matched my dress! I didn't knock down any pins :(

The defiant pins that refused to fall.

Did I mention Jerome and I love bowling?!

We bought a bowling pin from Sacco's for people to sign instead of a guest book. It's such a unique way to remember our wedding. Bonus: it's a truly retro piece that goes great in our apartment!

Jerome and his brother taking a break from being bowling rockstars. Jerome's grandmother later told us that we all sucked at bowling. We know. We know.

We had such a blast bowling and stuffing our face with BBQ and cheesecake that I wanted to make sure I gave props to all the great vendors who made our wedding so special.

  • Bowling Alley - Sacco's Bowl Haven - Super awesome 1950's bowling alley in Davis Square
  • Catering - Blue Ribbon BBQ - Even my grandpa who's a BBQ master thought it was good!
  • Cheesecakes - Montilio's - We got one plain and one turtle. DELICIOUS.
  • Drinks - Hometown Favorites - In keeping with our retro theme, we had glass bottle pop. You can't find full 12oz. bottles in grocery stores, so we ordered them online. We did Big Red, 7Up, and Orange Crush. They were perfectly packed and came in no time! We got IBC root beer bottles from the grocery store.
  • Sundae Spoons - Eastern Baker's Supply Co. - My whole family (grandparents, mom, and sisters and my then-fiance) all descended on the Eastern Supply store the day before the wedding, frantically looking for long sundae spoons for our root beer float station. Thank God they had them!
  • Root Beer Float Cups - Webstaurant Store - The perfect place to find large sundae cups to go at the root beer float station.


  1. You guys are brilliant! That bowling alley is amazing. It looks much more difficult knocking down pins with those tiny vintage bowling balls.

  2. Looks like so much fun - and, the bowling pin was such a great idea :)