Friday, October 9, 2009

Livin' the ModLife

I can't stop thinking about ModCloth. I check their website on a weekly basis and eagerly await tweets from @ModCloth everyday. As always, I'm going to share my new obsession with you in hopes that I'll get some of it out of my system and not go broke buying everything from their website.

Clockwise from top: Born-Again Vintage - $24.99; It Takes Two Plate - $7.99; Toast and Boast Water Bottle - $19.99; St. Petersburg Pillow - $27.99; Petit Chat Noir Pen Case - $13.99; Pour Little Owl Pitcher - $13.99; Night Watch Door Mat - $27.99

My thoughts...if you like Urban Outfitters, you'll LOVE ModCloth. It's got the funky vibe of Urban but is 20 times better.

Don't forget to checkout ModCloth's apparel section. They carry super awesome clothes from carefully chosen, talented designers. I would show you pictures but I'm afraid everyone will buy the things I want before me!

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