Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just a Little Diffraction

Today is all about Diffraction Fiber, one of the awesome designers you can find in the Apartment 528 Store.

Diffraction Fiber is a master of all things quirky, unique, and incredibly awesome. Need proof? Take a look at some of their products now available in the Apartment 528 Store, including their new coasters that are so fun, your guests will love using them!

Clockwise from top left: New! "DRINK" Coasters - $18; Mix Tape Mousepad - $14.99; Paper Dolls Mousepad - $14.99; New! Punctuation Coasters - $18; Action Pillows - $20 each

As an added bonus, most all of Diffraction Fiber's products are eco-friendly and made with eco-felt which comes from recycled bottles. Pretty neat!

Go to the Store for more products from Diffraction Fiber and others.

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