Friday, October 30, 2009

Garage Sale: Lounging Around

I heard on the news that snow's already starting to fall in parts of the country. That means the start of cozy nights in while the temperatures outside slowly start to dip. So grab a book, fire up the games, or snuggle in with a nice cup of tea.

Clockwise from top: Atari Game System, $375 (Cozy Studio); Orange Enamelware Mug, $9.50 (Birdie1); Set of 3 Popcorn Bowls, $12 (White2); Nancy Drew Vol. 1 & 2, $18 (Handsome Raven); Popcorn Maker, $19.99 (Nostalgic Treasures); 1970's Handmade Afghan, $19 (Renaissance Professor)


  1. Aw, I want them all! I loved Nancy Drew (what little girl didn't?). That enamelware mug is displayed in such a charming way! I keep hoping to come across an Atari with a bunch of games...

  2. Wow, that popcorn popper brings back memories :)