Saturday, September 19, 2009

House Industries Typography

Apartment Therapy Boston recently did a post on typographic prints from House Industries. I loved them so much I had to share them with you. The large 26" x 20" prints (pictured) go for $35/print while the smaller 8.5" x 11"'s are only $18 each. Not bad.

Of course, being super frugal and not ever wanting to spend money on something I could do myself, I'm pretty sure anyone with access to a printer could make great typography prints. Simply pick a letter/number/character and put it in the font and color that you'd like. Print it out and you're done! All you have to pay for is ink for the printer and a few sheets of paper. You could even get large format prints done at Kinko's for around $10.

That said, what do YOU think? Is it worth the money or would you DIY?


  1. Very cool pieces :) However, I think it's a DIY project - while they're not that expensive, it really adds up if you want more than 3 or 4.