Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sunday, Jerome and I went to the Sowa Open Market. This year, they've added a separate Farmers Market and turned the old parking garage (which I want to have my wedding reception's beautiful!) into an Antique Market. As you can guess, I spent most of my time looking at antiques. We found some great pieces - vintage stop lights and walk signs, football pads from the 50's which Jerome LOVED, and several sets of dishes that I almost walked away with. It took serious self-control!

One of my favorite vendors at this year's market was Blue Maison and Jardin. Jeannie, the designer, creates gorgeous pillows and sachets using vintage textiles. A woman after my own heart! I stayed at her booth for like 15 minutes...there were so many great pillow designs. The last pillow is my favorite. Buy it before me and I WILL hunt you down!


  1. Wow, so many adorable things! I absolutely love the headband - thanks for the Etsy link :)