Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apartment Wanted: Master Bedrooms

Just because you're a renter doesn't mean you can't have a master bedroom. Believe me, I have one and it's the best thing ever. No more sharing a bathroom with guests or trying to cram all your clothes into a tiny closet. Here are a few master bedrooms you could be enjoying...

Rental Luxury (Charlotte, NC)
2bed, 2bath

GORGEOUS! I've spent so long dreaming about Chicago and Phoenix that I never even gave Charlotte a thought. Now I'm in love! This bungalow has everything you could want. The kitchen is jam-packed with ammenities (6 burner gas stove, wine fridge) and the bathrooms have been beautifully redone with marble floors. The master bath has a walk-in closet, and french doors leading out to the private patio. The master bath has a huge glass shower AND a soaker tub. Now that's what I call renting in style!

Lake House Relaxation (Goffstown, NH)
3bed, 2bath

I was recently in New Hampshire at a friend's lake house so I can tell you first hand how peaceful and beautiful it can be. For $1700, you get the WHOLE house to yourself, including the breathtaking lake views! The house was recently remodeled so everything is brand new. Gotta love that! The master bedroom has two closets, a built-in window seat, and en suite bathroom with dual shower heads. Bring your kayak and you're all set!

Living Large (Austin, TX)
3bed, 2bath

The outside of this home may not be much to look at, but the inside more than compensates. The kitchen is GIGANTIC, as are the rest of the rooms. The master bedroom is huge and comes with a walk in closet and double sinks in the bathroom. The house was built in 2005 so everything's still pretty new and modern. I'd put some flowers in the backyard to really jazz the place up.


  1. Love the first space :) And Charlotte is one of my top places I'd like to live.

  2. Wow, that bathroom in the Charlotte home is dreamy! My home is a 1950's ranch, so the "master" bath is teeny-tiny (but I'm still glad to have one, after living in several homes with just one bathroom!)

    Thank you so much for adding my shop to your sidebar, and for saying such nice things about it! My little Salt & Pepper bird looks great over there, haha. You rock!