Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Method Madness!

My favorite cleaning brand's been busy again! Method now offers Smarty Dish dishwasher tablets in an even more eco-friendly package. The pink grapefruit scent (also available in unscented) will have you jumping for joy when it's time to do the dishes! If you don't have a dishwasher, check out the dish soap which comes in four scents. Cucumber is the best - we use it at work!

If you like the convenience of cleaning wipes, Method now has wipes for every surface. I'm addicted to the Steal for Real stainless steel wipes with their amazing orchard blossom's like heaven! The almond Wood for Good wipes are my second pick.

Have a baby shower to attend or have a little one of your own? Try the Squeaky Green baby line. I bought my future cousin-in-law a bunch of Method Baby products for her baby shower. They're made with rice milk and mallow...I have no clue what mallow is but it sounds soft and fluffy and the packaging is cute! That's all that matters, right!?!

Apt528 Reminder: The Apt528 lamp giveaway ends Sunday...better enter today!


  1. I have an upcoming baby shower to attend - I'll have to check out the Squeaky Green line.

  2. It's definitely great for baby showers. My future mother in law saw the gift and said "No Johnson and Johnson's huh? I guess my grandkids are going to be spoiled!"

  3. squeaky green - that's clever. :P