Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apt528 Couch Potato: For Rent

Just when you think HGTV couldn't come up with another show idea they do.

This time, it's just for renters. For Rent, airs Thursday nights on HGTV. I usually watch The Office and CSI on Thursdays so I was psyched to finally catch a For Rent rerun this past weekend.

From what I can tell, the show is like My First Place for renters. The potential tenant(s) are shown three apartments that (semi) match their criteria. The host Jodi Gilmour helps the renters work around design flaws by showing them the hidden potential of one of the rooms in the space. Once the renters choose the apartment they want, Jodi surprises them by transforming the chosen room into a masterpiece while working on a slim budget.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about some of Jodi's ideas at first, but they turned out great! I'm just happy to see a show that encourages renters to spice up their apartments instead of living in a white box...yea for color and design, even if it is temporary!

Check it out the next time you have a free Thursday night.


  1. Hmm....different concept, for sure. I think, however, the timing is good - with a lot of people renting rather than being able to buy in the current economy.

  2. It's definitely good timing. Finally home decor is becoming affordable again and the design community is starting to recognize us apartment dwellers. I just hope the "renter love" stays even after the economy rebounds!