Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring DIY: Fake Platform Bed

So, I've been so busy being happy about our engagement that I haven't done any blogging! I have been doing a little DIY though...nothing comes between me and my projects!

The bedroom's started coming together the last few months. I've slowly finished painting, added decor, and figured out a layout for an awkwardly shaped room.

My gorgeous mid-century dresser and chest.

The view into my closet.

I found a wicker ottoman at the Christmas Tree Shops for $15. I recovered it with the same fabric as the chair, added a memory foam pad for extra comfort, and voila! There's also a mini-fridge/microwave/coffe area next to the chair so you never have to go downstairs!

The bed used to be on a frame but it didn't look good without a headboard. Since the ceilings are sloped, I only had room for a low, platform style bed.

Spring DIY (I didn't forget!): Fake Platform Bed
Want to change your room but don't have money for a new bed? Try building a fake platform around your boxspring and mattress using just four pieces of wood and some paint.
First have four pieces of wood (I used pine) cut to the size of your bed. Paint/stain them the desired color, sanding the edges where necessary. Use L brackets and wood screws to connect your wood frame. Now you've got an awesome, affordable "platform" bed without the hassle of building supports!

To complete the look, I made a headboard out of plywood and a mirror that I glued on with epoxy. I had to move the bed to the other wall since the sloped ceiling wasn't'd think they'd notice that the ceiling line went downhill!

I still need to do more like make a nightstand, work on the decor, etc. What do you think so far?


  1. I love it, you would very know that it was not a real bed frame.

  2. You're so crafty! The bed looks great :)

  3. I love this! What color/brand stain did you use?

    1. Thanks! It's Behr paint and I think the color was Revival Mahogany.