Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring DIY: Window Film

To kick off the spring season, I've got the first of many Spring DIY's. The topic: windows.

Most rentals come with those cheap white window blinds. Aside from being ugly, they're also a pain to clean. That's why I finally decided to go with window film.

Window film comes in all sorts of decorative designs (stained glass, mosaic, mirrored, etched glass) and is a great alternative to window blinds. It can be purchased from most home improvement stores and runs about $40 for a standard sized window, though you can buy larger value packs if doing multiple windows.

I tried the Light Effects Textured Window Film from Home Depot ($19.97). The film was non-adhesive which means it's super easy to remove when you move out. It was also easy to install. In about 10 minutes, I went from looking at my neighbor's house (above) to having a nicely covered window that goes well with the rest of my room.

To install the window film I needed:
  • 2 packs of the 24" x 36" Light Effects window film (non-adhesive) - $40
  • 1 spray bottle filled with soapy water - $1
  • 1 ruler - already had
  • 1 utility knife - already had
  • 1 squeegee - included

First you use the ruler and utility knife to cut the film to the size of your window. If you prefer, you can cut the excess film while it's on the window, using the window edge as a ruler...I found this way to be easiest.

Once you clean your windows, spray them with your soapy water solution (below). Remove the protective paper from the back of the film, spray the film with soapy water, and apply to the window. The soapy water allows you to easily move the film until it's in the perfect position.

Once you have the film where you want it, spray the outside with soapy water and use the squeegee to remove the excess water from behind the film. You'll want a rag around to catch the water. After that you're done! It's quite possibly the easiest DIY ever.

The window film lets in sunlight, blocks the view of the neighbor's house, and eliminates the need for window blinds...pretty good if you ask me. It's also easy to remove: peel from the corner, give the window a quick cleaning, reinstall your blinds, and you're done!

UPDATE (3/27/09) - Just found a great post over at Design*Sponge on window films. Check it out for more window ideas!


  1. Great way to let lots of light into the room without sacrificing privacy. I really love the patterned variety.

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