Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 2nd Bookcase Revamp

More pics of the work we've done around the apartment the past couple of weeks...

When we first moved in, we removed the wheels we'd added to our Ikea bookcases and painted the shelf backing to match the apartment. The inside was citron green to match the living room...

...and the outside was teal to match the dining room.

Then we got rid of the citron green wall in the living room and replaced it with a richer moss green. That meant we needed to reapaint the bookcase backing to match. We were removing the backing and preparing to paint when we realized we liked the look of the open bookcases.

But, when the bookcases were completely open the room looked messy. So we decided to only leave a few shelves open. I LOVE the outcome! Here's the view from the living room...

And here's the view from the dining room...


  1. The bookcase looked nice before, but I like it much more now. Good job :)

  2. :) So colorful and fun. I love it!