Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apt528 Review: The Point N Paint

Point N Paint
Available online or over the phone

Apt528 Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Great for DIY-ers looking for an alternative to messy paint rollers. Take your time and be carefull when getting close to edges and ceilings.

The Review
My Point N Paint came last night! Jerome had it all setup on the table when I got home. I can't tell you how excited I was! The Point N Paint comes with a large edger for open spaces and a mini-edger for smaller spaces and painting along trim. You also get several paint pads in both sizes. I signed up for the "free pads for life" deal...why not?!

The mini edger fits into the base of the larger edger when not in use. You can also remove the handle of the unit to add an extension pole (not included) for painting walls or ceilings. After you have the proper pad ready to go, simply pour the paint into the tray and you're ready to go. 10 minutes after walking in the door, I was upstairs painting...that's how easy it was to setup!

The roller in the tray did a good job of applying paint to the pads, which hold a LOT of paint. They claim that the Point N Paint can hold 5 times the amount of paint a regular paint roller does. While I didn't have the patience to compare the two side by side, I can say that the Point N Paint holds at least 3 times more paint. That means less wasted time reloading...I'm all for that.

What WAS bad was how the PNP performed when hooked up to an extension pole. I have vaulted ceilings so a pole was necessary. Going up the wall, there was no problem. It was coming DOWN that was the issue. The part of the edger that attaches to the extension pole swivels 360 degrees which means that instead of making a straight line as it comes down the wall (like the Shur-Line), it swirls down. A little bit of swivel is good, but 360 degrees is way too much. At one point, the PNP started swirling and the tip of it ended up too close to the ceiling. Oy vay!

Thankfully, painting without the extension pole was a lot easier. I detached the pole, put the handle back on, and painted the lower portion of the wall. The only problem I had was with painting along the baseboard trim. Edgers need something to rest against (trim, the wall, the ceiling) in order to create an edge. Our trim tapers off as it gets close to the wall so there's no edge for the PNP to rest against. Still, it did the job and only required a little touchup with a damp towel.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. The Point N Paint was faster than traditional paint rollers, easy to use, and a more affordable alternative to buying rollers, dropcloth, and brushes every time you need to paint. If you're a frequent painter like me, I'd recommend giving it a try.


  1. It looks like it may actually make painting fun - glad to hear you're happy with your purchase :)

  2. It was fun to use...even my boyfriend (who HATES painting) wants to paint with the Point N Paint now!