Sunday, October 19, 2008

On the Surface

My search for wall decor continues. Earlier this month, I told you about WallPops, a company that makes removable wall stickers in various patterns and colors - a great solution for renters.

Now I'm introducing you to Surface Collective, a Canadian company whose unique wall tattoos are a "fusion of art and interior design." The extremely creative decals designed by Surface are sure to make all your friends jealous when they see your hip new space. (Do people still say hip?)

My favorites are the deer and the grass cute!! Aside from their good looks, these removable wall tattoos are affordable and easy to use. Stuck on how to get your decal on the wall? Go to the Surface Collective "how to apply" page for advice.

Browse the Surface Collective website for more graphics.

Oh Deer

Peacock Feathers

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