Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring DIY: Storage Ottoman

FYI, I finished the storage ottomans.

It's been a few weeks but I forgot to show you! Last time I wrote about them, I had upholstered everything but the top and I was planning on using felt to cover the bottom. Now they're completely covered and have wheels on the bottom. MDF can be pretty heavy so the wheels were essential. They're a little bigger than I had planned but they're still functional and they look pretty so I'm happy. I'm not good with fabric so the upholstery could be a little better, specifially on the lid where I tried to upholster the corners, but they're still cute!

I also redid the dining room buffet. The original size worked well when it was along the wall, but looked too long to go under the window. The new 72" length works perfectly.

I'm happy that the dining room is finally in order. I never fininshed the fireplace and I don't think I will now that we're planning on moving. I also need to get on curtains/blinds...we'll see if I get the energy! Other than that, the room looks fine.

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