Monday, June 16, 2008

Apartment Wanted: Mid-Century Cool

Sorry I didn't get to this Sunday...bad internet connection!

Architectural Marvel (Pittsburgh)
2 bed, 2 bath
Rent: $1200

It's not the classic architecture, 2.5 acres of land, or master bedroom solarium that sold me on this mid-century wonder. It's not even the black toilet. It's the quoted "7-10 minute drive to Home Depot." That cuts my current drive time in half! Seriously though, this is one of my FAVORITE throwback houses. Waking up in the solarium, walking through the woods, the spa-like shower...I thought things like this existed only in my dreams!

Vintage Ranch (Scottsdale)
3 bed, 3 bath
Rent: $1600

This ranch offers 1700 sqft. of living space. A glass back enhances the pitched roof and lets natural light stream thru. The kitchen's been updated with new cabinets and stainless appliances so you get the retro feel without the yucky avocado countertops. The best part is the front of the house - there's a glass-panelled garage door and a gorgeous tree (palm tree?) to greet you as you come home from work.

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