Monday, May 12, 2008

Spring Re-Style: Green Wall Tiles

With Jerome's aunt passing away last week and the funeral this past weekend, I wasn't able to do the Spring DIY or Apartment Wanted posts.

To make up for it, here's a Monday edition of the Spring Re-style, featuring an eco-friendly and INEXPENSIVE alternative to the B+N wall tiles I showed last month.

Mio, an online store devoted to environmentally friendly design, has come out with PaperForms Wallpaper Tiles. But these tiles aren't just good for the earth, they're also great for renters. Unlike the B+N tiles, the PaperForms can be hung using double-sided mounting tape which easily comes off walls when it's time to move out. You can do one wall or a whole room, though I'm guessing one wall would be enough - remember, less is often times more! You could even use the tiles as an art piece with a chunky frame around them.

There are four different patters - Ripple, Flow, Acoustic Weave, and V2 - all of which can be painted to a color of your choosing.

Check out the Mio website for other great green design products, including the ingenious floor tiles featured as the Must Have Item.

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