Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Depot: Home of the Drones

It was a LOOOONG weekend. I spent most of my time trying to make a pair of storage ottomans for the dining room. They're mostly for decoration, though I made them chair height so they can be used at the table if extra guests come over.

I have to tell you now that if you're looking for help and advice on a project, Home Depot is NOT the place to go. I go to the Depot simply because it's close to my apartment and all the Lowe's I know of are farther away from the city. Suburbanites get all the good stuff!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I went to Home Depot in the hopes of getting help with my ottomans. I mainly needed help picking out the right tools. First, I asked for help picking out a nail gun. It took three different workers to find me find the WRONG nail gun. I left empty handed. The second trip I asked for help finding a table saw. After waiting 15 minutes for help, it turned out that the only person who knew the answer was this woman contractor who was there to pick up a few things. She was full of advice.

I'm starting to think those orange apron's are really full of some toxin that drains all of the common sense out of their brains. Either that or aliens have taken over their bodies and turned them into mindless Zombies.

Those things being said, there are two guys at the South Bay Home Depot that know their stuff - Tony in tools and Chris who sometimes covers a register and other times helps on the floor. Both actually know what they're talking about.

**On a side note: This is a random picture I found it on Google Images. Steve may know a lot about junction boxes. Please don't judge him by the color of his apron, as he could be immune to it's effects!

Anyways, several trips to the Depot occured this weekend until finally I gave in and called my BF Kris who knows pretty much anything about building and design. Thankfully he had a minute between landscaping and decor shopping to give me the right advice. I built my ottomans and now all I need to do is find the right fabric to upholster them.

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