Monday, March 31, 2008

Apples and Oranges

My new find this weekend: a wood fruit set!

After church on Sunday, we decided to hit Allston to hit up a few of the stores in Allston. Jerome loves the comic book and music stores while I like the thrift stores. We had just come from visiting one of my old roomies when I figured I'd take a quick detour and peek into Urban Renewals. I wasn't really looking to buy anything but figured it would give us a reason to walk a little further and enjoy the air. As we were leaving the store, we saw the fruit set bagged and sitting on a table in the furniture section. No way could I pass that up!

It's a vintage set but in great condition. It took me a little while to polish all the different pieces with all the ridges and grooves, but it looks so cute now! I've been trying to find info on the manufacturer, Rosas, but have come up with nothing. I'm guessing the company's gone now. Either way, I found other similar pieces going for $15-20 PER FRUIT PIECE! I paid $6.28 for the whole thing!

Gotta love thrift stores :)

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