Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'...

...in the toilet. Looking for a new way to display your fishy friends? Why not put them in the bathroom. Thanks to companies like AquaOne Technologies and Aquariass, your favorite water-based pet can hang out on your toilet or on your bathroom sink.

The toilet aquariums, while not my thing, are pretty neat looking, especially when the toilet is flushed. The clear fish tank attaches to a clear toilet tank. When you flush, you get the illusion of the water leaving the fish tank. But don't worry, the fish are safe in their own seperate space.

Not to miss out on the action, Italbrass has designed the Moody Aquarium Sink. I actually kind of like this piece. There are two openings in the top of the sink that can be covered by the included soap dishes for daily use or opened to allow for easy access to the fish. It might be kind of refreshing to see a nice calm mix of greenery and water as you splash your face in the morning.

Aside from goldfish, the tanks are also perfect for any other kind of decor you'd like to showcase. Perhaps you'd like a serene rock garden displayed or a you could turn it into a terrarium with small lizards. Who knows, the sky's the limit!


Fish 'n Flush Toilet


Aquarium Toilet


Moody Aquarium Sink

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