Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Review: Eureka Uno Bagless Upright

So, I returned that horrible Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner to Kmart and traded it in for something better. Boy am I glad I did. I didn't want to spend a lot on a vacuum, but at the same time I wanted something that would acutaly...well...suck! After about 25 minutes of Jerome and I playing with the display models, matching prices, and trying to find the right box to go with the right display, we decided on the Eureka Uno Bagless Upright (Kmart; $99). Not only does it have pretty good specs, but it comes in an awesome green color...how cool to have a vacuum that matches my living room!?!

I got the Uno home and it worked like a charm. The thing practically propelled itself across my floor! I was able to vacuum the whole living room rug this time before needing to empty the canister.

Some other pros:
  • light at the front for seeing hidden dirt (Jerome's fave part!)
  • attachments great for vacuuming curtains and furniture
  • edger on the right-hand side to help get all the dust bunnies that hide along the wall
  • long cord so you don't have to switch plugs every room
  • AWESOME handle: round handle that's comfy and perfect for getting under couches
  • handle can be adjusted to different heights
  • easy empty canister
After one day of using the vacuum, I was excited to go online to Amazon.com and other review sites to spread the good word about how awesome my Eureka was. To my surprise, there were quite a few people who disagreed with me. Of course, many of their complaints were ridiculous.

Several people were upset with the noise. When was the last time you heard (or didn't hear) a quiet vacuum? One woman was upset that when she stood her vacuum upright in the stopped position, the air vents caused dust to fly around. Perhaps her problem was that she was trying to vacuum with the thing standing straight up! I'm pretty sure that's not how you're supposed to do it! Another person was upset because he wanted the edger to be on both sides instead of just on the right. Most vacuums don't even HAVE an edger so the fact that the Uno has one at all is a plus! Be glad with what you have.

There were, however, some cons that I did agree with, all having to do with the cord/attachment area:
  • bottom attachment doesn't always stay in place
  • the cord area is WAY too tight...you can barely get all of the cord in there!
  • the hose is a little short

Though I love my new vacuum, I think I'm going to keep the box around for awhile, just in case it turns out to be a lemon like the other one! Fool me twice...

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