Friday, January 11, 2008

I was going to show my chairs but I've decided I no longer like the fabric I recovered them with so I'm going to wait until I find something better. I did however find a seamstress who might be able to help out on some upcoming Youz*d projects (and my chairs!)...I'll keep you updated.

In place of the chairs is my new little bookshelf. I've had this bookcase for over a year now which is more than I can say about anything else in our house! It used to stand upright but that wasn't working with the look of the room. My fix, go horizontal!

After giving it a fresh coat of paint and spraying the inside silver, I turned the bookshelf sideways and added leg plates to the corners. I used angled plates to make the legs flair out instead of going straight up and down.

I wanted the legs to be rounded to match some of the other furniture. They didn't have anything I liked at the store so I had stair railing cut into 12" pieces. When you buy pre-made table legs, they come with the the hanger bolts already installed which allows you to simply twist the legs into the leg plates. Since I used railing, I had to drill a hole in the center of each leg and then insert the hanger bolts myself. From there I twisted them in like normal.

Staining was the next step and was super easy. You pick the color stain you'd like, then wipe it on in the direction of the grain. The next step is to wipe off the excess stain. I did two seperate coats to match the warm colors of the hardwood floors.

I like the outcome but I don't know how long this piece is going to stay in the room. Tomorrow is furniture shopping day at Cardi's and I'm sure something else will catch my eye while I'm there!

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