Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who Woulda Thunk?

So, I put a dish drainer in my living room. You heard me, a dish drainer! Look closely at the device holding the records on the floor...that thing used to hold my dishes!!
I bought the drainer when we first moved in. It's chrome and had a neat design that looked cute in the kitchen. As it turned out, it wasn't very good at holding glasses, so we bought a new dish drainer. For over a month now, the drainer has been sitting on top of the fridge, waiting to be thrown out. I'd see it sitting there and just stare at it, wondering what I was supposed to do with it.
Finally, during yesterday's cleaning and organizing frenzy, I came up with a thought...why not use it to hold the big stack of records piled up in the dining room. You can't even tell by looking that it's a dish drainer!
I also unpacked our last box yesterday. We moved in August 15th and yet that box has been sitting in the dining room holding piles of junk. It was nice to finally unpack it and know that we've "officially" moved in.
But I didn't stop there. I painted the back splash of the built-in china cabinet and repainted a blue bookshelf which I then threw into the living room as an end table for the chair. It won't stay in that room, but for now it looks better than the rickety end table that used to be in there. I've cleverly been keeping the old table out of all the pics I take because it's so it's gone completely! I'm still looking for the perfect tables for that room.

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