Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

So we opened our presents Friday night! In addition to getting me the cutest peep-toe houndstooth heels ever, Jerome also got me a Home Depot gift card...a man after my own heart!

Today, Saturday, I ran around the house cleaning and cooking in preperation for our first dinner guests! I love to entertain and plan things, but we've been so busy with work and fixing up the house that there's been no real time for guests. Not to mention the fact that there's been no top to our dining table.

The solution: Jerome ran out and got a 1/4" sheet of wood that we spray painted black to serve as the table top. At first we were a bit skeptical as to how it would turn out, but after seeing the paint go on, we knew we'd love it! You can see the natural grain of the wood which goes perfectly with the grain of the table. The contrast between black and silver is also nice. Eventually I'd like to do some kind of design in the middle of the table top and cover it with glass but for now this is super!

After setting the top in place, I needed to find textiles to dress the table. I'm super picky and didn't feel like spending hours at the store with all the Christmas shoppers, so instead I grabbed some scrap orange and purple fabric and got to work making my own table runners and placemats. The great thing about doing these things yourself is that you can choose what size you want things to be. I intentionally made my placemats smaller than normal because I like the look. Later, I'd like to get nicer fabric and try experimenting with different shapes.

Youz*r Tip: In a rush and don't have time to sew? Grab No-Sew hemming adhesive. Simply roll it out on the hem, iron over it for 2 seconds, fold the hem, iron again for 8 seconds, and you're done! You can find No-Sew and other brands at any craft store.

Now that dinner's over and I managed to cook a delicious pot roast that was actually edible, it's time to move on to the next project - my work area. Armed with my new gift card, you can bet I'm going to spend up a storm when I get back from Ohio! Getting that room painted is going to feel great!

I return from vacation on Friday so, until then Merry Christmas!!

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